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Meg Manning
The Last Good Person In Neptune
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Angry - I can't believe you
It was seriously just one of those mornings. Meg had woke up on time, but was seriously lacking the motivation to drag herself out of bed. It took her a few minutes, but she managed to guilt herself (your parents didn't pay so-and-so dollars a semester so you could sleep!) into getting up. Then she had to deal with picking the right clothes, which was harder than it looked since it was hot outside and yet her classrooms were freaking freezing. Then, after realizing that her hair just wasn't going to cooperate today, she went to eat breakfast.

It wasn't until after she poured the milk into her cereal that she realized that she had run out of spoons.

So now she was eating Apple Jacks with a fork and wondering why she just couldn't graduate already.

[End of the month already? Wow. Establishy, because I'm about to head to class myself. And I have to finish these Apple Jacks before they get soggy and gross]
2nd-Mar-2010 12:18 am - Voicemail
Happy - Cute Smile
"Hey guys, this is Meg. I'm not here right now but if you leave a message I'll be sure to call you back!"

Dude!Meg is talking at you, Dude!Meg is shirtless, Dude!Meg is all smug, Dude!Meg doesn't believe that
Since this was the third time this had happened to Meg, she was well prepared for the whole "oh hey, I'm a guy now" thing. It didn't necessarily mean she was going to show up to class (she deserved a day off for these type of things) but she did have clothes to wear this time around and her initial freak out period was only about five minutes. She was thought that was pretty damn good.

And, hey, she was even finding upsides to this, aside from the being unbelievably hot thing. Now she could get 100% singing Metallica on Rock Band thanks to her new deep voice.

Look, she had to entertain herself somehow today since she wasn't going to be leaving the apartment.

[Mmm dude!Meg. Open for phone calls, e-mails, visits, what have you]
Happy - Cute Smile
Oh god, finals were going to kill Meg. She had never had so much work to do in her entire life. Who would have thought Stanford was hard?

...nobody answer that.

She had two papers due tomorrow, another one due on Monday and she just had re-organize her notes so she could begin studying for the actual test parts of her finals. Red Bull and coffee were her friends.

Meg was currently sitting cross-legged on her living room floor, surrounded by books and her laptop. There were various pencils and highlighters sticking out of her hair because when they were on the floor she kept losing them and, holy crap, she needed to keep them organized so she could color coordinate her notes. It was important!

She was insane, yes.

[What? One of us has to be productive and it sure as hell ain't gonna be me. Post open for phone calls, e-mails, etc, ETA: I'M NOT GOING TO GET HER STONED, YOU HO WHO KNOWS WHO SHE IS. SHE'S MY GOOD CHARACTER OMG]
Happy - Cute Smile
This time last year there was a big Meg making pancakes for practically the entire Fandom High student body. This year she got to join in on the fun and woke up as a adorable 8 year old girl.

An adorable 8 year old girl who was currently eating a huge bowl of ice cream while wearing one of her older counterpart's more expensive dresses. She was also wearing high heels and a ton of make up.

Playing dress up was fun.

[Whee! Mostly establishy but open for phone calls and stuff]
Happy - Sweet Smile
Meg was studying for a test she had tomorrow. Seriously. She really was. She'd be all set if, you know, the test was on trashy daytime television.

Man, wouldn't it be great if you could have tests on that?

At least she had a textbook open on the coffee table. Ignore the fact she was using it as a drink holder.

[Could you blame me for forcing a good girl like Meg tell the truth all day? No, no you could not. Open for phone calls, e-mails, visits, what have you]
Happy - You are strange and off-putting
At some point today Meg was supposed to pack up her car and go back to Neptune. You wouldn't know that considering that right now she was still in her pajamas and curled up on the couch watching the Food Network. Yeah. She didn't really want to go home.

[Open for phone calls, e-mails, what have you]
25th-Nov-2008 11:24 am - Manning Residence - Neptune, CA
Sad - Worried2
Meg hadn't gone home for the holidays last year, for good reason. Holidays with her parents were never fun and having a school to hide in last year was a great excuse not to come home. This year there was no Fandom to hide in and her parents were paying for her tuition and apartment so she figured she owed it to them to come home. After the initial verbal assault of what she had been doing in school and making sure she hadn't be whoring it up in college they were content enough to leave her alone. At least they hadn't found a replacement for Lucky to push on her. Meg was sad the guy was dead and all but jesus, he was creepy.

Meg was laying back on her bed with her laptop, looking up every couple minutes to watch her sister Grace playing with dolls on the floor. She didn't like letting Grace out of her sight when she was home. She had hopes that Grace was old enough for her parents to stop, well, whatever it is they thought they were doing to her little sister. But the dark circles under her sister's eyes told Meg that they hadn't. Meg frowned and looked up at the vent where she hid the evidence against her parents. She was going to have to do something before her parents went too far.

[Just to establish the fact that Meg's parents are still crazyflakes. Open for e-mails, phonecalls, etc.]
Dude!Meg is talking at you, Dude!Meg is shirtless, Dude!Meg is all smug, Dude!Meg doesn't believe that
Meg had an 8:30 class on Thursdays but when she woke up to find that she had yet again turned into a guy she changed her plans for the day. She was a good student, she could afford to miss one day of class due to...dudeliness. She hoped it lasted one day again. Nobody told her that Fandom stuff followed you around. At least that's what she thought was happening. Meg didn't want to think that this was something that only happened to her. It'd be like a really lame superpower.

The bad thing about this happening here instead of Fandom was that Meg didn't have any boyfriend clothing hanging around her room this time. So chilling naked it was. She pulled the covers over her head tried to fall back asleep. Maybe she could sleep the dudeness away.

[Open for phone calls e-mail etc. Mmm she's hot]
27th-Aug-2008 03:26 pm - Room 212 - Wednesday Afternoon
Sad - Trying not to cry, Sad - Contemplative
Meg didn't have much to pack in her room since she hadn't bothered unpacking after they moved back from the cabins but she did have a few odds and ends that she had to put away. She wondered how she acquired so much crap in such a short amount of time. It was really depressing seeing her room so empty. Well, it's not her room anymore. Thinking about that was even more depressing.

[Yep, Meg's last post as a student. Door's open. Come say your goodbyes before she goes to Stanford. Also SP for the win as I'm moving a bit slow today due to homework and clowns keeping me up last night]
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